Metoo Cat Doll 45cm


Shipping time: 2 days to prepare

The Metoo doll in a sweet kitty hat is made of extremely soft, plush material in contrasting colors that are recommended for babies.

The Metoo kitty doll has interesting elements for the child such as a large head, eyes with eyelashes and long legs with which you can pull the doll behind.

Despite its size, the doll is light, has a hanging tag that makes it easier for children to wear it or hang it on the wall.

Total length: 45cm

The dolls are original and have the CE symbol, which means that the product complies with the basic requirements of health, safety and the environment.

Children's age: 0+

Metoo doll kit PERSONALIZED

The Metoo Kitten doll can be personalized on request. The personalization of the Metoo doll makes the cuddly toy even more special because it has the baby's name on it. A kitty doll with a name is a great idea for a birthday or Christmas present. Such a gift is much more personal and will certainly appeal to every girl.

If you choose the version with the name, enter the content in the box and choose the name color.

The name on the kitty is made of clothing foil. This film also has the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate - it means that it can be used on baby and children's clothes without fear.

The waiting time for a doll with a name is about 2 business days. We ship 99% of orders on the second day.

Dolls with the inscription are best washed by hand or max 30 degrees on a delicate program.


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